What fabric is 600D/PVC polyester Oxford cloth?

What fabric is 600D Oxford cloth?

In general, our oxford fabrics of polyester or nylon D are represented by D. D: denier = g / L * 9000, where g is the weight of the thread (gram), L is the length of the thread (meter), which is the weight of the thread within the unit length, is a unit of yarn fineness, The larger the number in front of D, the thicker the oxford yarn.

Water jet loom is woven with 600D. The density and weight can be customized according to customer requirements. The width of the door is about 145CM. After dyeing, PVC/PU coating, waterproof, calendering, printing, foaming, compounding and other processes, it has the characteristics of thick, good elasticity, strong firmness, soft gloss, good water resistance and good durability.

600D waterproof Oxford cloth

600D oxford cloth is suitable for luggage cloth, tent cloth, open sun shade cloth, curtain, baby stroller fabric, simple wardrobe, suit bag, etc., and its use covers all walks of life.



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