What is 1680D double oxford cloth ?

    1680D double-stranded oxford cloth, which is made up of two 420D nylon yarns through the winding wire and prepared for a twisted 840D silk. Because the weaving method is double warp and double weft, the two 840D yarns are 1680D double strands. Oxford cloth.

After finishing treatment of 1680D oxford cloth PVC, yuli glue, PU coating, etc., the hand feel is better and the waterproof performance is better. The 1680D also has a number of variations in specifications and styles, the difference being the change in yarn density and gram weight during the weaving process. There are two kinds of dyeing: liquid flow tank dyeing and flat cylinder dyeing. The color fastness of the liquid flow cylinder is high (dry grinding and wet grinding are all above 4), the color difference is small, the grain feeling is strong, and the gloss is good. 1680D excellent rubber oxford cloth

1680D Excellent Rubber Oxford cloth has excellent abrasion resistance, tear strength, high density and water resistance. The good luster is to bring the aura of the nobility, let it swim freely in the world of the nobility, has always been the best choice for high-end outdoor products and luggage fabrics.


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